Flux Charts SFX Algo

SFX Buy-Sell Algo On TradingView Chart


  • Signal Sensitivity
  • Signal Strength
  • Time Weighting
  • Volatility Bands
  • Buy/Sell Signal Star Ratings
  • Take Profit Signals
  • Trend Colored Candles
  • Buy/Sell Signal Alerts
  • Take Profit Alerts

General SFX Algo Settings

General SFX Settings

Signal Sensitivity

Sensitivity is a key parameter that influences the number of signals the indicator generates. By adjusting this parameter, you can control the frequency of signals produced by the algorithm. Lower values result in more signals, while higher values lead to fewer signals. Experiment with different values to find the right balance for your trading preferences.

Choosing the appropriate sensitivity level involves a combination of empirical analysis, backtesting, and understanding the your personal trading strategy.

Signal Strength

Signal Strength determines the robustness of the trading signals generated by the indicator. A higher value filters out weaker signals, resulting in fewer but potentially more reliable trading opportunities. While a lower value allows for a wider range of signals, including weaker ones. Finding the right balance between signal strength and quantity is important for optimizing your trading strategy.

This setting allows you to choose the type of historical data the indicator considers when generating signals. Longterm Trends rely more on past data, while Mixed Trends combine historical and recent data. Recent Trends focus primarily on the most recent price movements in the market. Depending on your trading style and time horizon, you can select the time weighting that aligns with your strategy.

Volatility Bands

Stock Trading Volatility Bands

Volatility Bands are a visual overlay within the Flux Charts SFX Algo indicator that can help traders in identifying potential price movement. These bands are designed to highlight periods of increased or decreased price volatility, aiding in decision-making.

The Volatility Bands consist of multiple colored regions that adjust based on market conditions. These bands represent different levels of volatility.

The color gradients within the bands indicate varying degrees of volatility. For instance, shades of green and red represent different volatility levels. The areas between the bands can provide insights into potential price movement. When the price approaches or enters a specific volatility band, it might suggest different levels of market activity and potential market reversals.

How to Use Volatility Bands in Flux Charts SFX Algo

Wide Bands:
  • Wide spacing between the upper and lower volatility bands suggests that the market is experiencing higher volatility.
  • During periods of wide bands, price movements can be more significant and rapid, indicating that the market is experiencing increased activity and uncertainty.
Tight Bands:
  • Tight spacing between the upper and lower volatility bands indicates lower volatility in the market.
  • During periods of tight bands, price movements are less volatile, suggesting that the market is in a calmer state with potentially more predictable price patterns.

Buy/Sell Signal Star Ratings

SFX Buy Sell Algo Star Rating

The Strength Rating displays a star rating next to each generated signal by the SFX Algo indicator. This rating quantifies the overall strength of the signal based on the combined analysis of various market metrics. A higher star rating indicates a stronger signal, while a lower rating suggests a relatively weaker signal.

Take Profit Signals

SFX Algo Take Profit Alerts

The Take Profit settings enable you to define multiple profit-taking levels for your trades. You can set specific price levels or percentage gains at which you would like the indicator to generate a take profit signal. There is the option of choosing between set dollar price movements in any selected ticker of a set percentage movement.

Trend Coloring (Candle Colors)

SFX Algo Trend Coloring

This feature colors the chart candles based on the prevailing trend. Green candles represent bullish trends, while red candles indicate bearish trends. This visual aid helps you quickly identify the current market sentiment.

SFX Algo Alerts

SFX Algo Alerts Settings

The Alerts feature allows you to receive notifications when specific events occur including buy signals, sell signals, and take profit signals. You can choose to receive notifications via email, SMS, or through TradingView. These alerts help you stay informed about potential trading opportunities in real time without having to actively watch the charts all day.

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