Flux Charts | FAQ

What is Flux Charts?

Flux Charts develops trading algorithims and indicators for stocks, crypto and forex. These indicators are used by traders and investers in various investment strategies. Flux Charts also provides an active community through there Discord which gives users access to experienced stock traders.

How to get Access to Flux Charts Indicators?

To get access to the indicators you must subscribe to Flux Charts. After subscribing the indiators may be applied to your chart on TradingView to use. Flux Charts Indicators such as the SFX Algo are Invite-Only Indicators. If you did not get access after purchase you may have entered your TradingView username incorrectly, update your username on flux Charts on the connection page.

What is TradingView?

TradingView is the Charting Platform Flux Charts Indcicators’ are accessible on. Trading View is a seperate entitiy from Flux Charts. After Purchasing Flux Charts Indicators through the Flux Charts Website you are given access to them on TradingView for you to use.

What is the 7-day-risk free policy?

After you first subscribe to Flux Charts we guarentee a full refund before 7 days after the purchase. We want people to be able to try our products and form an opinion before commiting.

How to update my TradingView Username on Flux Charts?

If you wish to switch the account which has access to the Flux Charts indicator that can be done on the Connection Page. You can update your name only once every 30 days unless there was an issue giving access to that TradingView account.

How do I cancel my Flux Charts Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time in the Flux Charts Billing Page. You will retain access until the end of your subscription period; you can also reactivate your subscription untill the end of your subscription period.

What is the SFX Algo?

The SFX Algo is Flux Charts’ proprietary invite-only trading Algorithim. It uses select advanced algorithims in combination with chart data to find entry and exits to maximise profit while minimizing loss.

What is the Wick-to-Body Ratio Trend Forecast (WBR Forecast)?

The WBR Forecast is a free open-source indicator developed by Flux Charts’. Flux Charts is commited to continue providing free and open-source indicators for the community at large.