Flux Charts Buying/Selling Pressure Indicator

Flux Charts Buy Sell Pressure indicator

What do Buying/Selling Pressure Settings Mean?

Flux Charts Buy Sell Pressure indicator Settings

Lookback Period

This setting determines the number of bars to consider when calculating the buying and selling pressure. It is recommended to adjust this value based on your trading strategy and timeframe.

Smoothing Factor

This setting controls the smoothing factor applied to the signal. A higher value will result in a smoother signal line. You can adjust this value according to your trading strategy and preference.

Power Limit

The power limit defines the sensitivity of the indicator to changes in pressure. Higher values may make the indicator more sensitive to price movements, while lower values can make it less reactive.

How to use the Flux Charts Buying/Selling Pressure Indicator?

The Buying/Selling Pressure indicator provides signals based on changes in color. Here's how to interpret and use the indicator effectively:

Signal Colors:

  • Green: A green signal indicates a potential buying opportunity.
  • Red: A red signal indicates a potential selling opportunity.
  • Yellow: A yellow signal suggests a neutral or uncertain market condition.

Signal Color Changes:

  • If the signal line changes from red to green, it suggests a potential buy signal.
  • If the signal line changes from green to red, it suggests a potential sell signal.

Zero Line:

  • The black dashed line represents the zero line. The signal line crossing above the zero line could indicate bullish momentum, while crossing below the zero line could suggest bearish momentum.